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Year in Review
ASI’s year of ASIA & OCEANIA
The 2022 ASI Bootcamp Asia & Oceania Exceeds Expectations. 46 sommeliers, mainly from Asia & Oceania, came to Kuala-Lumpur on the 11th of September in the first Bootcamp in the region. The fundamental purpose of the ASI Bootcamp is to help somms improve their theoretical and practical... czytaj więcej
The ASI Mosaic: a global community
Sommellerie in Eastern and Central Europe
Sommeliers Inspiring Change: Natural, Orange & Vegan Wines
New Faces of Sommellerie in the Americas
On the first Sunday of November, 21 candidates from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Belarus took part in the first International Women's Sommelier Cup of Ukraine, in Kiev. An international jury, entirely composed of women, awarded first place to the representative of Kazakhstan and recent winner... czytaj więcej

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